Original Fine Art Photography

The Original Work

Only signed and numbered prints within the limit of 30 copies (all formats and media combined), and produced by the author or under his control, benefit from the status of original work of art.

Beyond this limit, the work loses its value and is no longer even considered a work of art in its own right, and is defined as a multiple, the price of which is lower like a screen print or lithograph.

The importance of the certificate of authenticity

The certificate of authenticity is the identity card of a work of art. It is a unique document that certifies the authenticity of the work and provides key information about it.

With this document, you are certain that the painting, sculpture, photograph or any other original work that you have acquired was indeed produced by a particular artist.

It is therefore essential to keep the certificate of authenticity, as well as the work of art itself!

This document is systematically provided when purchasing an original work of art, so that you can have traceability of the work purchased. It is all the more important if you want to resell it one day. An invoice will never serve as a certificate of authenticity! Thanks to this document, you can quickly have the value of the work assessed by an expert, especially if the artist sees his price increase over time.

What must appear on a certificate of authenticity

The title of the work, the name of the artist, the place and the year of creation of the work, the techniques used and supports used, the dimensions of the work, if it is an original or a limited edition (if so, its identification number on the total number of copies), the signature of the artist, the date of issue of the certificate.

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